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Niko Op de Beeck

De manier waarop u filmmuziek maakt, laat me niet los.
Hoe komt zo'n prachtige muziek in godsnaam tot stand??
Ik zou u dolgraag eens willen ontmoeten. Geeft u les? Zijn uw scores te koop?
Zelf ben ik al jaren actief in de muziekschool van Aarschot als klassiek pianist, en bassist (bij oa. Gunther Neefs,...)
Heb ook meegedaan met de opnames van de reeks "Quiz me Quick".
Gr., Niko


Incredible music, Steve! I'm currently watching Salamander on breaks while I'm editing a TV pilot which I have produced here in Los Angeles and Canada. Your score is mesmerizing and really brings the show to a whole new level. I hope one day we might work together on a film or TV series. You brought so much feeling and drama using minimal instruments. You have set the trend and the bar very high for others. Thank you for creating these works. :)


I have to agree about your scores for Salamander. Fantastic and unique!

Tom Wood


Am watching "Salamander" on Netflix, "binge-watching" as they are coining the term these days in the U.S. I am spellbound by your scoring. The first episode was brilliant, and each subsequent episode is on par. Just finished episode 7, loved the acoustic guitar use in the flashbacks to WW2, then when the story returns to the bank robber, the guitar becomes electric. So wonderful. Balancing electronic music throughout, then weaving more orchestra through episodes 3-5, then the piano for the wife's death... Your work is truly remarkable. Kudos.

Bruylant Nelly

Kunt je mij zeggen welk west vlaams liedje we hoorden in " eigen kweek"in de eerste aflevering in dat café? Dank je wel